What is The Magpie Conspiracy?

Me with some of my boardgame collection

I am an artist living in Queensland, Australia with my husband and a number of cats, enjoying a quiet, semi-rural lifestyle. For the last 15 years I have been a successful commercial artist in the virtual/digital worlds space with my 3d designs. I recently decided it was time for me to do something new, so I have branched out into illustration which I very much enjoy. I still sculpt in digital format – Blender is my preferred software – and I own a pretty good 3d printer which allows me to bring my designs into the real world.

The Magpie Conspiracy was born out of a lengthy brainstorming session with my lovely and talented sister. We lost our mother in 2021, and if anyone personified a Magpie, she did. She was funny, talkative, sociable, talented, cheeky and fiercely protective over her chicks (us kids). Her nickname used to be Magpie, according to my dad – a version of her real name, Margaret. And she did love herself a good conspiracy!

With The Magpie Conspiracy, I want to explore my illustrative style, and create cute things that I love! It’s my hope that other people will love them too!

In my range you will find everything from planners, to notebooks, jewellery, keycharms, stickers and all sorts of other things. Everything is drawn/painted or sculpted by me, in my home studio. I don’t outsource anything.

On this site you can also find tutorials, tips for other creative types, and links to my 2 other sites where I post about my miniature hobby and my Ball Jointed Dolls.

With my smooshy boy Mars.
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